Moving Towards Commercialization, Desktop DNA Sequencing Company GnuBIO Announces Relocation to Expanded Facilities

September 05, 2012 09:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time 

~Rapid Growth, Expanded Team and Growing Commercial Activities Call for A Larger Facility and New Hires~

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GnuBIO, Inc. ( is expanding its operations and relocating to a newly constructed facility dedicated to the research and development, as well as the near term commercial activities of the growing company.

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The new 11,000 sq. ft. facility, located at One Kendall Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, will have enhanced office and laboratory space to provide additional infrastructure that will enable the company’s continued growth and transition from R&D to commercialization of its desktop DNA sequencing technology. The building will be equipped with manufacturing and fabrication facilities in addition to general laboratory and office space to house the growing team. Additional hires in product development, software, development, sales and marketing staff will be housed in the new space as GnuBIO prepares for the launch of its first commercial product.

“This move to a larger and more sophisticated facility marks an important milestone for GnuBIO, as it will afford us the space to transition into the commercial phase of the company,” said John Boyce, President and CEO of GnuBIO, “The additional space will allow us to bring all initial manufacturing capabilities, from the consumables to the instrumentation, in house. The new facility will also provide the necessary space for the first critical hires for our commercial team.”

GnuBIO’s platform technology is a fully integrated next-generation desktop DNA sequencing platform, based on established microfluidics and emulsion technology licensed from the laboratory of Professor David Weitz at Harvard University. The emulsion and microfluidic technology, combined with novel molecular biology assays, has led to the development of a scalable, accurate DNA sequencing platform that encompasses all of the steps required for DNA sequencing into a single platform. It is designed to run complete and customized sequencing workflow more efficiently and at a lower cost than currently available systems, with a list price of only $50,000 per system – with no extra equipment or servers needed. The company is currently working with leading institutions and molecular diagnostic companies, both in the US and abroad, to develop customized and standard panels that will be run on the GnuBIO system

About GnuBIO:, is a privately-held company developing next-generation desktop DNA sequencing technology that will compartmentalize the entire DNA sequencing process, combining all of the steps required for sequencing in a single system, and providing the only fully integrated next-generation sequencing workflow. The GnuBIO sequencing technology is based on an emulsion based microfluidic technology which also provides a scalable sequencing solution that allows for interrogation of single genes, gene panels or whole genomes. The user of his GnuBIO system simply injects the patient sample into the GnuBIO cartridge, the appropriate panel is run – inclusive of gene capture, PCR, sequencing, and informatics analysis – and the results are ready within hours. Unlike any other DNA sequencing system, the entire process is all on the chip – the user simply injects genomic DNA, simplifying the complex sample preparation process and breaking the barrier of a an obstacle that has prevented the widespread adoption of DNA sequencing.

New address: One Kendall Square, Building 1400, 2nd Floor, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139


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