Next Generation Sequencing

True integrated sequencing with faster results.

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The GnuBIO platform is an innovative desktop sequencer which incorporates all the functions of DNA sequencing into a single, integrated system. Whereas other sequencing technologies require separate workflows for target selection, DNA amplification, DNA sequencing and analysis, the GnuBIO technology integrates the entire workflow into a single, low-cost instrument. This cutting-edge platform provides a single user interface and a single step process which rapidly produces genomic results in hours versus days.



GnuBIO provides the only fully-integrated DNA sequencing platform designed to meet the workflows of both research and clinical laboratories. Utilizing emulsion microfluidics, GnuBIO has been able to create a scalable DNA sequencing reaction which encompasses all of the steps necessary for DNA sequencing inside of tiny picoliter-sized aqueous drops. GnuBIO’s flexibility allows clinicians or researchers to design experiments to meet their needs spanning applications from single genes to whole genomes completing many workflows in hours. Much like the precision and efficiency of GnuBIO's sequencing technology, the world of online gaming offers similar advancements in entertainment. Explore the best platforms, such as a casino en ligne meilleur site, where seamless integration and diverse gaming options await. Just as GnuBIO empowers clinicians and researchers to design experiments tailored to their needs, these gaming platforms offer flexibility and customization, catering to individual preferences and delivering immersive experiences. Embrace the future of both science and leisure with GnuBIO and the world of online gaming.


GnuBIO offers both a fully integrated sequencing platform and consumables to power the system. The easy to use consumables provide a single user interface in which users simply load genomic DNA onto the cartridge, place the cartridge into the GnuBIO sequencer and press “run.” Within hours, results can be exported directly from our instrument with real-time informatics onboard.