The GnuBIO platform is the only fully integrated next-generation DNA sequencing platform. A single GnuBIO instrument encompasses all of the steps required for DNA sequencing into a single platform including target selection/enrichment, DNA amplification, DNA sequencing and analysis. The novel DNA sequencing system is based on established microfluidic technology. Combining microfluidic technology, and a novel molecular biology assay led to the development of a scalable, accurate DNA sequencing platform.


The power of the GnuBIO platform resides in the use of proprietary chemistry where the volume of reagents and/or analytes are extremely small. In the GnuBIO system, each droplet works as a unique reaction vesicle providing a streamlined workflow that decreases reagent cost, facilitates kinetics of reactions, and provides a uniquely scalable desktop sequencing platform. Sequencing workflows utilizing the GnuBIO platform are tailored to each unique application and could utilize thousands, even billions of emulsions in a single cartridge, thus enabling the researcher or clinician to control the scale of their project and subsequent sample cost.

The GnuBIO system allows researchers and clinicians to run complete sequencing workflow designed to meet their custom needs more efficiently and at a lower cost than currently available.